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Threats and Stressors
Cactus Wren Habitat Conservation and Management Plan


Project description

Develop a cactus wren habitat restoration plan for South San Diego County to connect the cactus wren population between Otay, Sweetwater, and San Diego Watersheds.

Project protocol

Name: No protocol available at this time

Project spatial boundary

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Project focus

Project type: Habitat Restoration

Target species: Coastal cactus wren

Target vegetation: coastal sage scrub

Implementing entities

Main implementing entity: The Nature Conservancy

Partner: San Diego Management and Monitoring Program; The Nature Conservancy; U.S. Geological Survey

Principal investigator: Trish Smith

SDMMP lead: Kris Preston

Study lead: Trish Smith

Project funding agreements

Funding participants
Role Participants
funding source Environmental Mitigation Program

Strategic elements

Budget year: FY15-16 Work plan objectives number: 1.2

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