Applying science to conservation through collaboration

The SDMMP’s mission is to coordinate science-based biological management and monitoring of lands in San Diego that have been conserved through various conservation planning and mitigation efforts.

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Management Strategic Plan: Goals, Objectives & Actions

The Management Strategic Plan provides goals, objectives and actions for species, vegetation communities, and threats/stressors. Use the MSP Portal to search this information spatially, by keywords, or by progress/status.

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Project Profiles & Associated Reports, Data, and Maps

Numerous management and monitoring efforts are taking place across the South Coast Ecoregion. Search Projects to obtain more information on these efforts and view and download associated project reports, data, and maps.

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Create maps using an advanced online ArcGIS software program which displays a specific set of spatial layers that allows users to access tools to investigate the layers interactively. SDMMP has numerous spatial layers available for users.

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Reports & Other Documents

Hundreds of reports and documents exist that describe conservation efforts in San Diego County and the region, and the plants and animals of conservation concern. Search the library to view and download documents.

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Highlighted projects

California Gnatcatcher South Coast Regional Monitoring Program
The USGS, USFWS, SDMMP, and the Nature Reserve of Orange County have joined together to develop a long-term coordinated regional monitoring program for the federally-threatened Coastal California Gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica californica) in the United States portion of the species

Cactus Wren Habitat Conservation and Management Plan
Develop a cactus wren habitat restoration plan for South San Diego County to connect the cactus wren population between Otay, Sweetwater, and San Diego Watersheds.

Rare Plant IMG Monitoring
A MSP objective for 27 rare plants is to inspect occurrences and to conduct routine management. The objective specifies the use of "IMG" protocol surveys to document the status of occurrences and assess threats in order to develop specific management recommendations. This project is implemented by the various Land Managers in the region and was coordinated by the SDMMP in 2014 and 2015 in collaboration with the City of San Diego. The data is submitted to the SDMMP and uploaded to MOM. The FY2016 effort will be led by a contractor and will include training and gap surveys.

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